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May 2, 2013 3:00pm PDT
has talked about guantanamo from the past. listen to this clip from the president. >> obama: the idea that we would still maintain forever a group of individuals who have not been tried, that is contrary to who we are, it is contrary to our interests, and it needs to stop. >> michael: again, that's macro-without the micro. he brings up the point we can't keep them there forever. something will happen. will obama handle it or will he leave it to hillary clinton. >> i don't see anything that he is handling it. it's a principled position he's putting forward. it sounds like every should get a trial or be released, but it's simply not his policy as his administration decided back in 2010 many of the inmates that are down there, they had no plans to try them or ever send them home. it's hard to reconcile that with the rhetoric that he used in the press conference which sounds like it came directly from the aclu. >> michael: the president has the power to override transfer on a case by case basis. why hasn't he done this. >> the biggest roadblock if you're talking about getting the numbers
Apr 30, 2013 3:00pm PDT
the president. president obama talked about jason collins. the first nba player to come out of the closet. let's listen to the president. >> i had a chance to talk to him yesterday. he seems like a terrific young man, and yeah, i couldn't be prouder. one of the extraordinary measures of progress that we've seen in this country has been the recognition that lgbt deserves full equality. >> michael: karl, do you think the president's evolution on the situation made it easier for collins to come out this way? >> i think it made it easier for everybody. when the president says you're okay it goes a long way. it's been great to see so many people universally across the board praising collins for his courageous right wingers. oh, you you have a few right wingers say, oh, what are they going to do in the locker room showers. i think this is a remarker first step, and i think it's the only the first of many to come. i think we'll see nfl players in the next year, and perhaps more nba players once they realize there is nothing to fear, and it could actually help their careers. >> michael: an
May 1, 2013 3:00pm PDT
should say right, just to make a political statement against president obama is really disgusting. >> michael: i couldn't agree with you more. also he is not running for president again. he is done and he won. let me talk about an ad war is brewing in montana. check out this from the progressive change campaign committee. >> 79% of montana voted support background checks so why did senator max baucus vote against us? senator baucus now that you are retiring, please put montana first. >> michael: very interesting post retirement ad. the nra put out this full page ad. your freedom is under attack but senator max baucus is fighting back. call senator baucus and thank him for being montana first. do you think he will change his gun vote now that he has announced his reenvironment? >> i must say i do not think so michael. first, i think the progressive change campaign committee has done tremendous work in a lot of races. i don't understand this -- the money spent here in montana. i don't understand max baucus's vote. i regret it and deplore it and i think he is wrong. but because he is
Apr 29, 2013 3:00pm PDT
are looking over their shoulder to see who they want to go talk to next. and that's exactly right. >> michael: never before in history has anybody ever said the best line i heard is from george will. so you made television history. obama walked on stage with a couple of lines from dj khaled's "all i do is win." how was that intro received that night? >> i don't think most of us even knew who it was from. i have a younger fiance who told me what it was. and i don't think anybody in that room with the average age is probably 50 knew what he was talking about. it's almost predominantly white that whole group. so it was not exactly the rap music audience. he also made a couple of other references that most people didn't understand. but overall, you know, obama -- the thing about obama is -- obviously somebody else writes the jokes. in fact i know that guy that wrote the jokes a comedy writer by the name of billy kimmel no relationship to jimmy kimmel and the jokes are written for him. but his timing and his delivery is pretty amazing. you know, he -- he has perfect comic timing and a
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4